Globally Contributor of Marine Surveys

Sailor Maritime Survey Private Limited Survey’s global community links consisted of groups of tested business specialists from a significant form of marine and transportation disciplines.

Sailor Maritime Survey Private Limited Survey’s surveyors take task worldwide on behalf of our customers for damage and loss to cargo, one-off surveys or warranty insurance surveys of project cargo, marine H&M and P&I services, offshore, hazard control and safety services.

Sailor Maritime Survey Private Limited Survey is a major international contributor of Marine Surveying and Adjusting facilities to the global marine insurance enterprise and to groups involved in the worldwide consignment, shipping, transportation, and supply chains.

We intend to be the main source of the subsequent services internationally:

Cargo Loading / Lashing Surveys

We carry out loading and lashing/securing supervisions and surveys on all form of vessels. Proper loading and seaworthy securing of all cargos are ensured as our experienced surveyors perform collectively with the ship’s staff and different concerned parties.

Discharge surveys of general cargo

We conduct discharge monitoring and surveys to make sure sound unloading of shipment. The whole operation is methodically supervised and documented, certificate of approval issued and clients’ interests could be addressed in a superb manner.

Damage Surveys

We conduct Marine Accident survey to evaluate the degree of the impairment sustained by the hull, rig, structures, or elsewhere on the vessel. The report gives information on the likely reasons for the damage, guidance on repairs, and estimates the cost for such job.

P&I club Surveys and Investigations

With our competence within the marine field, we can take P&I Club Surveys and Investigations which might be vital to establishing the exact reason what has taken place, the amount of any damage which incorporates the reason and ensuing economic effect and to determine possible ty recuperation rights.

Hull & machinery Claims and Investigations

We accept inspections in all types of causalities, both hull or machinery associated, on board seagoing vessels, port and harbour floating installations, inland navigational vessels and others.

Incident probing

Incident investigations are aimed to determine the reason or reasons for an incident. Our professionals take a look at incidents that result in loss of life, injuries, or a serious marine pollution.

Loss Adjusting (Marine Claims)

Our marine professionals provide loss adjusting along with marine adjusting knowledge in the cargo, ports and terminals.

Risk Surveying

An expert team of surveyors decide the probable economic risk posed by suggesting the insurance cover for properties and personal items.

On/Off Hire Condition Surveys

Our surveyor carries out a thorough inspection of a vessel to conclude its condition preceding to it being placed On-Hire and a wide-ranging survey of a vessel to ascertain its condition preceding to it being taken Off-Hire.

Vessel Condition Surveys

Our expert surveyors can conduct any vessel condition survey to determine its condition required for the seagoing vessel.

Draft and Bunker Surveys

Our draft and bunker survey professionals impart expert quantity measurement inspection services for clients. The professional bunker surveyors provide unbiased, impartial inspection services.

Container Surveys

We provide survey services for cargoes carried in containers, each FCL and LCL. Representatives of our business enterprise can perform inspections of containerized cargoes shipments at all level of transportation starting with the loading of cargo into containers at shipper’s warehouse and complete with the delivery of the shipment to a consignee.

Pleasure Crafts, Structural Damage and Safety Surveys

We conduct safety and structural component condition survey and investigate the circumstances of damages and suggest appropriate economical repair methods.

Pre-purchase Condition and Insurance Coverage Surveys

We arrange a comprehensive survey of the vessel’s structural strength and watertight integrity,  installations condition, and operational fitness, along with performance and deliver a detailed report of findings.